• Tat' (Plate)Idly

  • Keera Saatham (Palak Rice)

  • Kadubu

  • Kuzhi Paniyaram

  • Medu Vada

  • Onion Uttapam

  • Podi Mass

  • Rasam & Pakhora

  • Sarva Pindi

  • South Indian Thali

  • Steaming Hot Idly

  • Special Masala Dosa

  • Special Stuffed Dosa


“No match up to Zaafroon’s true south Indian dishes anywhere in Gujarat”
It was a random visit after a friend of mine (Mr. Vijay Wadhwani) had recommended as we had moved back to Baroda after a gap of three years. As suggested by my friend, this little place really lives up to its moniker - zaafaroon, the place that satiates your taste buds with true south Indian cuisines without any kind of alteration/modification in the recipe or its combinations served. It serves you the right food with right combinations and is precisely priced as being value for money, worthy to spend and have healthy food, won't be an exaggeration if say kinda home-made. Once you enter, Mr. Dev, the owner and 'chef at heart', always on his laptop - working and listening to some soulful music, will greet you with a smile and also won't mind giving you a complete low-down on what you should have from day's menu even if you are second timer. He has a wide range of authentic south Indian dishes, which you won't resist after your first visit. This completely sumptuous stuff come with only one rider - that is timings. He will not serve except his scheduled timings of his restaurant. He closes by 09:00 sharp in the night. However, this disciplined offering is in a way healthy and worthy. One, you will reach on time; two, you eat on time; a winning combo for both, the eater and restaurant owner. In short, don't miss out on this, if you are in Baroda / Vadodara or visiting this city in transit. Just make yourself comfortable and relish your dishes at this true blue South Indian place, cosily tucked into the bylane of Baroda on Old Padra Road (OP Road) which doesn't serve you anything of sort that you find at other regular south Indian food joints, and others mushroomed all over the city in the name of south Indian. If you have an eye for authenticity and true value for money, I bet, you will visit this place again and again discounting the ambiance and limited seating arrangements. Visited March 2016
Yashpal. P

“A Benchmark in city for authentic south-indian food”
A small yet neat place that dishes out authentic and tasty south-indian items. Absolutely affordable and we would not mind heading here again and again as - there are that many items to savour. Idly - Vada - Dosa - Coconut Chutney - Sambar : These are pretty much what comes to mind when one says 'South-Indian Food' but here we were delighted to find some items that even we as south-indians had not tasted before like - Sarvapindi. A good mix of items from all southern states. Would like to explain our delight at various levels : 1) In the city, some places go overboard with innovation and miss out on basic texture/taste/nature of dishes be it idly batter or chutney or sambar - here we found everything to our liking - as close to homemade as it could get. Fluffy hot cloth steamed idlis and not 'sweet' sambar and fresh crunchy coconut chutney - unlike places that end up with smooth paste. So wowed by basic criteria met we move onto next order. 2) Akki Rotti - comes with two chutney variations - both yummy and a big matki of buttermilk - absolutely welcome the way of serving - good portion size - a healthy meal by itself. Although filling we allow us to treat ourselves with more goodies on menu. 3) Sarvapindi - Caught our attention as we have never heard/tried the dish and was another sumptuous 'rotti' and the owner's titbits for the dishes served/stories behind added to our delight 4) Podi Rice - Plain hot rice + paruppu podi/spicy powder + ghee all to be mixed in well and eaten with hand not spoon..oh and with a crunch of poppadam/papad. This is generally how we have at home and was a delight to find this to order a-la-carte unlike as part of meals. Simple cravings - very well-satisfied. 5) Dessert - Healthy : are not often synonymous in many places but here we tried their black rice+bamboo rice payasam which am guessing was made with jaggery not sugar? Never the less a unique offering/tasty/generous that needs two ppl to lick the bowl empty. Off the menu - and a dish we haven't seen served so often - kuzhi paniyarams were also being served and seemed like their Rasam and Moru/buttermilk were big hits. The idlies were literally selling like pancakes - most takeaway orders asking for idly. The Extra Bonus aspect is the service and multi-lingual owner's enthusiasm - be it asking for feedback/ giving origin of dish/ how to relish it best. We would love to visit again to try their millet based dishes/ healthy meals and more. Visited July 2016
Vijaya Ramanujam

“Genuine South Indian food served by a passionate professional owner”
You have to know what is genuine South Indian food is to realize what Mr. Dev offers you with passion and professionalism. Others who claim to offer you SI food are no where near Zafaroon. They offer dishes as good as the best offered by a Bombay or Bangalore restaurant. Genuinely very close to the taste of original item as prepared traditionally in that part. You must taste their lunch, Davangiri Tupa Dosa, Rassam, Fotered coffee, Idli fry with Podi chutney. The list goes on. One thing I would have liked better was, the space. Oh, and I forgot to say that, you do not get coffee as good as Zafaroon in Vadodara. Visited April 2016
Kamat V

Imagine the scene in the movie Ratatouille when the critic was served the main course by the same name! The moment he eats first bite he suddenly remembers eating the same dish served by his mom when he was child! I have exactly same experience, every single time I go there!! Though I am not a South Indian, but I can feel that the same taste would have been produced at humble homes of south. I had exactly same taste every time for repeat orders. By such experiences one can imagine the level of professionalism the owner is committed to! One can come here anytime and blindly order anything on menu and total satisfaction is always guaranteed. Your tummy will be full and mind light! The menu includes a full spectrum of South Indian dishes from usual idli and masala dosa to exotic, benne dosa, thuppa dosa, bamboo rice, bisse bele bath, sweet pongal, payasam and the list goes on. The owner also dishes out a few new recipes from time-to-time. The restaurant also serves world's rarest African coffee (I forgot the name) which I am going to try this weekend. A must visit place for everyone... P.S.: One should never ever miss sweet pongal or payasam here.
Varun D

“Excellent Every Time We Visit!”
This is probably the only time, I am writing a second review for a place on Tripadvisor. But the place definitely warrants it. Zaafaroon, is Dev's concept of serving affordable, hygienic and authentic South Indian tiffin items. And that's something he takes pride in. Here's what I will say: Go to Zaafaroon: - if you want to have good, clean, south-Indian meal. - meal prepared by someone who is passionate about his work. - if you want to go to a humble place started by a person believing in good quality food. Don't Go to Zaafaroon: - if you want to go to just-another-Udipi joint. - if you are going to judge the place by items outside the owner's control - locality, neighbouring area etc. suggestion: Have the Kozha Kambhu (anytime you visit) and In morning hours, any tiffin item is sumptuous (the last dosa I had there had not a drop of excess oil) with good strong filter coffee. In evening hours, the Vadacurry and Set Dosa was sumptuous!
Ujwal Makhija

“Authentic South Indian cuisine !!”
We reached this place after being told about it by a friend. Am glad we went there because behind that small facade with an unusual name is a committed and passionate man who serves authentic South Indian food. Besides the food what I enjoyed was the free wheeling discussion with Dev ! And the aroma and the fragrance wafting in from the kitchen made the discussion even more interesting. We just had rasam, meduwada, idli and topped it off with what else, the inevitable filter coffee !! The food was very very original, chutney and wada were simply out of the world . What he lacks is space as of now. Am sure he will find a bigger place soon. Best wishes Dev !! Harish Kavadia.

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